Rosanne Robinson, BKin, BSc, RD

Humble Beginnings

I am a proud farmer's daughter, a country girl, who grew up in the small rural town of Baden, located in southwestern Ontario. From a young age my sisters and I helped with chores on the farm and planting, weeding and harvesting in my mom's large garden. Although at the time I didn't realize it, growing up on a farm where I took part in my own "farm to fork" experience planted a seed in me which would later blossom into my future career path as a dietitian. I am so thankful that I learned the importance of hard work and experienced, firsthand, the benefits that come from growing, harvesting, preserving and eating your own food.

Thanks momma and pops!

 Farmer Rosanne at the tender age of 1. Don't you love the shag carpet and brown floral couch?! Love them '80s!

Farmer Rosanne at the tender age of 1. Don't you love the shag carpet and brown floral couch?! Love them '80s!

Fast forward to university, I didn't really know what I wanted to do but knew that I wanted to do something which involved health, wellness and fitness and so I attended McMaster University in Hamilton for Kinesiology. In addition to meeting some amazing friends there, I learned a boat-load about physical activity, from the practical aspects to the microscopic details ... and also some basics about nutrition, which sparked in me the desire to learn more in that area.

So, after I finished my Kinesiology degree, I moved over to the University of Guelph for my Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition. (And married my high school sweetheart somewhere in there too!) Following this, I was accepted at Hamilton Health Science Corporation for my dietetic internship training and then essentially stayed working in Hamilton for the foreseeable future at McMaster Children's Hospital. 

And that is where my love for nutrition and working with children flourished! 

I covered lots of maternity leaves at McMaster (that is how we all start out as clinical RDs in a female dominated field!) and had the privilege to work with many different populations including pediatric neurology and the ketogenic diet (so fascinating!), the level 2 nursery, neonatal follow-up clinic, and pediatric oncology. I loved my job but the demands of commuting and desire to stop paying obscene amounts of money on fuel were calling me to find (or create!) something closer to home. This gave birth to Blueprint Nutrition! 

However, in all reality, the majority of my time is spent caring for two very inquisitive and spunky young kids alongside my hubby!  I now TRULY understand the challenges that come with trying to juggle the demands of work, family, school, and activities, all the while trying to live a healthy lifestyle to achieve optimal wellness.

It is NOT easy.

But it IS doable!

I want to help you get there.

Come along with me and I will help you to navigate the murky waters of nutrition research and translate everything into clear, concise and practical strategies to achieve your wellness goals.   

 My parents passing on their knowledge of farming to my son. This makes my heart oh so happy!

My parents passing on their knowledge of farming to my son. This makes my heart oh so happy!


1) Eat REAL food.


Food that might have grown in the ground somewhere... 

or on a tree... 

or perhaps even came from an animal ...

or something to that effect. I think you know what I mean.

I believe that quality matters, not quantity in terms of calories. There's lots of good quality research to show that eating more plant-based foods is beneficial as well.


2) Food was created to be enjoyed. With others. Learn how to cook and do it often!

People who love to eat are always the best people!
— Julia Child

Eating should be a pleasant experience. I believe that meals should be shared with others, whenever possible. Everyone should know how to cook and should do it as often as possible. 

HOW you eat can be just as important as WHAT you eat.

If you struggle to enjoy cooking and/or eating, due to any number of issues (i.e. lack of time or interest, uncertainty about what to buy or make, disordered eating patterns, dietary restrictions etc.) then we will work through those obstacles together to come up with a REALISTIC and ACHIEVABLE plan.  


3) I use science to guide my practice.


Research is not perfect. (I know... I have worked as a research assistant for many nutrition studies.) However, I do believe that it should inform vast majority of my recommendations as an RD. I will take current research and explain it to you in plain language. And where there is no perfect answer, I will work together with you to come up with the best plan, using what we do know and what works for you. This may sound like a snooze-fest, but I promise that you will be captivated and will reap the rewards. 


4) The driver's seat is for you, and I will be your travel guide. 


You will be driving the car during our time together. I will be your trip advisor, navigator, and official "GPS-holder". I promise to explain to you the various routes or options that we can take with your nutrition plan and their advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately, YOU are steering the car. I believe that the best plan is one in which you are the leader. 


  • Registered Dietitian, College of Dietitians of Ontario

  • Member of Dietitians of Canada

  • Member of the Consulting Dietitians Network

  • Member of the Canadian Obesity Network


  • Hamilton Family Health Team Dietitian Workshop, Invited speaker - 2017

  • McMaster Children's Hospital, Pediatric Nutrition Days Conference, Invited speaker - 2014 & 2016

  • Various church groups and charitable organizations, Invited speaker 2010 - present

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