Our first date!

Well hello there!

Thanks for taking a few minutes of your time on this beautiful Labour Day long holiday weekend in Ontario Canada to read my first blog post. I am UBER excited to get this party started!

Truth be told, there are so many topics that I would like to cover (and will in future posts) on this blog that I had a difficult time deciding where to begin. As I looked through my lengthy list though, none of them seemed appropriate for a "first date” so to speak. So that got me thinking to my first date … which was spent getting to know my hubby-to-be over an exhilarating game of mini golf sixteen years ago! 

Being not all that much of an expert in first dates (since I only went on one!), or playing mini golf, I thought I would opt for a safer first date idea. How do you feel about some more introductions shared over a drink on the patio, before we bid farewell to summer?

Since honesty is the cornerstone to any successful relationship, let's start there. I call this 10 honest and simple truths about Rosanne.


I live in Waterloo with my husband and 2 children. Some might say that we have the million dollar family with one boy and one girl. Others might say that we should add a dog to the mix to turn it into the million dollar family. Unfortunately, this is where we fall short! We do not have a pet and I'm terrible at looking after house plants so I figure a living animal may not fare too well under my supervision. 



I am passionate about good food and nutrition and I commit to practicing what I preach.




I am a morning person. 5:30 or 6:00 am is a regular alarm setting on my iPhone. I blame some of this on my farming heritage. Along the same lines, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, hands-down!



I prefer to work out early in the morning because I start off my day feeling energized and proud of having accomplished something... in case the rest of the day isn't so productive. However, if I am being completely honest here, it’s also because the childcare is easy when your kids and hubby are still sleeping. 



This isn’t my first business that I have run. Way back in the ‘90s when I was wearing neon windbreakers, rainbow spandex and snap bracelets, my sisters and I ran a sweet corn business called “Triple G Sweetcorn”. Obviously (hopefully?!?), my wardrobe has improved since then!



The first time that I used a microwave was in university. My former roommates can confirm this for you (Traymore girls!)



I LOVE to garden - vegetable gardening to be more specific!! I love every aspect of the process from preparing the soil, to planting the seeds, even weeding and tilling the soil and then ultimately picking and eating/preserving the bounty. However, the flowers in my flower beds at home do not receive near the same amount of TLC. In fact, I recently had to throw away two of my patio pots which had died, mainly because of my lack of commitment to their hydration. I am however committed to proper hydration of humans :) 

Kale is a hearty plant and very easy to grow! This beauty is growing in our garden right now!

Kale is a hearty plant and very easy to grow! This beauty is growing in our garden right now!



I LOVE to cook, especially when I am cooking for company. Trying new recipes and making the table look appealing are all part of the process. However, sometimes that joy for cooking diminishes when it is 4:30 and the kids are very whiny and I didn’t really have anything planned for supper. Yes, this too happens to us dietitians. We are human.



I love dark chocolate - 75% is the sweet spot for me! 



The amazing pictures on my website were not taken in my kitchen. I wish it was my kitchen! They were taken in my family photographer’s kitchen, by the amazing Pete May from one2onephotography. Someday I hope to have a kitchen just as lovely as his.

Note the double oven, gas range and (unseen in this photo) the massive fridge!

Note the double oven, gas range and (unseen in this photo) the massive fridge!

And one more for good measure

My preferred caffeinated beverage is tea. I LOVE the smell of coffee but don't drink it. I would have to add lots of sugar to stomach it comfortably so I opt for tea instead. I also credit my tea-loving nature to my in-laws. My mother-in-law, in particular, always had a pot of tea on at 8:00 p.m. and we would routinely find ourselves over at her house at this time to partake in this sacred ritual. There is something so wonderful about a cup of tea shared with family or friends. (Not to mention the health benefits!) 


And on that note, with my cup of tea in hand, I will say cheers to a wonderful summer, a great first date with the hopes of many more to follow.