Nutrition doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing. Let us help you build a blueprint for your best health, one bite at a time. We take the science of nutrition and translate it into real food that fits a busy schedule. 

Many health benefit plans include coverage for registered dietitians - check yours and get started today!

What We Do

Our one-on-one nutrition counselling services include:

  • Prenatal and Postnatal Nutrition – discover how to optimize mom and baby’s growth prenatally and postnatally  

  • Infant/Child/Youth Nutrition – get answers to all your questions including introducing solids, growth concerns, food allergies and sensitivities, how to raise a competent eater and minimize picky eating, vegetarianism, general healthy eating and more

  • Family Nutrition – learn how to create a healthy family food environment at home  

  • Feeding Therapy – this collaborative team is specifically designed for children requiring a multidisciplinary approach to more complex feeding situations; services are provided together with pediatric occupational therapist Donna Legge-Nevett of Kids Can Shine

  • Sports Nutrition – child and youth sports nutrition to optimize performance for individuals and teams

  • Women’s Health – navigate nutrition-related aspects of common conditions including PCOS, osteoporosis, iron-deficiency anemia, and breast cancer to name a few  

  • Weight Management – a non-diet approach to obtaining your own unique healthy weight

We also available for seminars and presentations on a variety of topics, as well as media appearances and technical writing.


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Rosanne Robinson, BKin, BSc, RD

I am a proud farmer’s daughter and a country girl who grew up in the small rural town of Baden, Ontario. Growing up on a farm meant we grew, harvested and preserved a lot of our own food. Blueprint Nutrition was born from my passion to share with others what I had the privilege of learning on the farm – that eating well means eating real, whole foods.  

My food philosophy is simple and goes right back to my roots on the farm: Eat whole, real foods but enjoy the “cake and ice cream” moments of life - don’t obsess over calories or starve yourself. Strive for “healthy-ish” not perfection, it doesn't exist. Learn to cook and teach your children how to do so - spend uninterrupted time together in the kitchen whenever possible. Tune out celebrity bunk, media headlines and the latest diet fads - get your nutrition research from credible sources.  

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