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Did you know that services provided by a Registered Dietitian may be covered by your private health insurance?

Call to check with your insurance provider. Check out our FAQs for more information.

Some health plans require a referral by your primary care provider for services to be covered. We provide a detailed receipt that you can submit to your insurance company.

We have updated our appointment structure to better reflect the needs of our clients. We offer nutrition packages because we know from experience that making changes to nutrition, health and one’s relationship with food happens over time, not in a single session. When you choose to work with us, you choose to work with an expert who is committed to journeying with you, to help you achieve your goals.

For those who prefer a single session, please see a la carte pricing below.

Individual Nutrition Packages

Package A: Starter

  • Includes an initial assessment (60-75 minutes) + 1 follow up session (up to 60 minutes)

  • Provides initial education & strategies based on the goals identified

  • Supportive online resources provided as applicable

  • Perfect for you if …. you want resources for introducing solids to your baby; basic meal planning support; fine tuning of eating habits

Time length: ~ 1-3 months. Investment: $300

Package B: Classic

  • This classic package includes an initial assessment (60-75 minutes) + 3 follow up sessions (up to 60 minutes each)

  • Provides individualized plan and nutrition strategies based on personal goals

  • Supportive online resources provided as applicable

  • Perfect for you if…. you are an athlete or active individual looking to achieve peak performance or a PB; you are a parent needing guidance with a picky eater at home; fine tuning eating habits

Time length: ~ 2-4 months. Investment: $550

Package C: Premium

  • This premium package includes an initial assessment (60-75 minutes) + 6 follow up visits (up to 60 minutes each)

  • Provides in-depth tailored nutrition interventions, education, coaching, accountability and support

  • Includes one weekly email exchange

  • Perfect for you if…. you are tired of diet culture and want to un-learn dieting habits that are not serving you well and re-learn how to properly fuel your body and achieve your best weight; you are an athlete or active individual looking to achieve performance goals; you are a parent wanting to transform your child’s/family’s eating habits

Time length: ~ 4-6 months. Investment: $880

Ongoing follow-up for continued support:

Upon completion of a package, 30 and 60 minute individual follow up sessions are available for continued support at a preferred rate.

Couple’s Nutrition Packages

We offer similar counselling packages for couples who are looking to make changes together. To determine if couple’s nutrition counselling would be the best option for you and your partner, please contact us. Depending on your individual nutrition concerns/goals, we may recommend separate sessions to provide the best care.

A La Carte Pricing

We offer stand alone counselling appointments but prefer to work with our clients over a period of time - this results in greater success for you. To see if your questions are best served through a package or isolated session, book your complimentary call with Rosanne or Cara today.

Isolated sessions are priced as follows:

  • Initial assessment (60-75 minutes) - $195

  • Follow up session (up to 60 minutes) - $150

Additional services for clients:

  • Customized 1-day meal plan - $75

  • InBody 270 BIA body composition assessment - $40

Notes regarding payment and pricing:

  • All individual counselling sessions are HST exempt

  • Receipts are provided after each individual session for you to submit to your Extended Health Benefit Plan (we DO NOT direct bill to insurance companies)

  • Payment in credit card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discovery), debit tap card, or cheque

  • Payment and cancellation policies are outlined in our online booking site during the intake process

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