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The Feeding Fix

The Feeding Fix is 3-month full support program that helps you end mealtime battles, foster a learning eater environment in your home, and raise an intuitive eater who has a good relationship with food and their body.

You were excited to become a parent and carry your bundle of joy home from the hospital. You researched everything you’d need to raise this child – from cribs & car seats to D Drops and daycare. If you could get through childbirth, it should be fairly smooth sailing moving forward!

But then, somewhere between afternoon siestas and school, the simple act of feeding your child became your worst nightmare. The peaceful mealtimes you once enjoyed suddenly became the most frustrating part of your day. 

Now you spend your days…

  • Dreading mealtimes! You never get to cook what YOU want to eat. 
  • Cooking separate meals. No one likes the same thing.
  • Staring at your grocery list, wondering what foods to buy that your child might actually eat that aren’t too “unhealthy”.
  • Worrying whether your child is lacking nutrients that will impact growth.
  • Fretting that your approach to sweets and desserts is “messing them up”.
  • Googling everything you can about your child’s eating and finding a circus of advice. How do you know who to trust? 

Feeding your family doesn’t have to feel so hard!

May I help you end this turmoil and give you back your life?! 

What you need is tailored advice that works for you, your child and your family’s approach. You need expert advice from a registered dietitian and mom who knows what it’s like to struggle feeding her kids (Hi! That’s me!)

I’ve helped hundreds of parents end the mealtime stress and I’m confident I can help you too.

Feeding your family doesn’t have to feel so hard!

When you choose to work with me you’ll move from: 

  • Unsettled to Unruffled – you won’t second guess your strategies anymore; you’ll feel confident that you’re raising an adventurous and intuitive eater who will have a good relationship with food. 
  • Bushed to Boosted – you’ll get your zest back for feeding your family and can start to spend more of your time enjoying your kiddo because you’re not battling over food. 
  • Alone to Allied – no more trying to white knuckle it on your own; you’ll get my support throughout the entire journey. 

Not sure if a dietitian coach is what you need or if it will help? Here’s how I’ve helped these families take their mealtimes from a state of chaos to calm: 

Before working with Rosanne I dreaded mealtimes with our three-year-old daughter. I felt like I had failed my daughter because of her ceaseless resistance to explore new foods leading to constant struggles during mealtimes. I was desperate for some guidance. Rosanne took the time to get to know our family and tailored an approach that would work best for us. Her first-hand experience, vast knowledge, non-judgemental demeanour, and constant encouragement helped get us on a sustainable path. Thank you Rosanne, for bringing peace back to our dinner table. 
C.L. Mom of 2

Topics that may be explored during our sessions include: 

  • Getting to the root cause of the picky eating, problem feeding or food relationship issues.
  • Setting up a positive mealtime environment at home without using pressure. 
  • Solving your specific mealtime battles: e.g. not sitting at the table, not eating supper then asking for snacks, always asking for sweets etc.  
  • How kids actually learn to like new foods. 
  • Understanding your child’s growth and growth charts. 
  • Family nutrition and nutrients to consider for selective eaters.  
  • Dietary supplementation (Is it needed? Which ones to use?).
  • How to manage sugar, treats and other high reward foods. 
  • Raising a mindful and intuitive eater who has a good relationship with food. 
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The Feeding Fix Package

Here’s the scoop on exactly what you’ll get when we work together: 
  • One 60-75 minute comprehensive assessment.
  • Five 45-60-minute 1:1 follow-up sessions with me over the 3 months together.
  • Reflection workbooks, handouts, and other downloadable resources relevant to our topic of discussion from each session together. 
  • Summary email after each session, including goals set and tasks moving forward.
  • Lifetime access to my signature online course Chaos 2 Calm Raising Happy Eaters.
  • Unlimited email support – emails answered Monday to Friday 9-5 within 24-48 hours. 
  • Family mealtime video review – you tape your family dinner and I’ll watch it and send back specific recommendations to make mealtimes easier.
  • Unlimited time for interprofessional collaboration (calls, emails facsimiles) with your child’s family doctor, pediatrician, and/or other allied health care providers to ensure the best plan of care. 
  • Special savings code for the Food Explorer Mat by Dani Lebovitz. 

Get started for $565 monthly (a total of $1,695 for 3 months)

Frequently Asked Questions

My child has been picky for years and is 10 years old now. Is it too late to change habits?

It’s never too late to address picky eating! We know that picky children can become picky adults and so taking steps now to increase accepted foods will be helpful for your child in the future. I work with children of all ages up to 18 years of age.

How long will it take for my kid to start eating better?

This is dependent on so many factors. Most families will start to see initial progress as soon as they start to lovingly, but firmly and with consistency, implement the strategies at home. Your child’s initial progress might look like your son sitting at the table for 10 minutes or your daughter no longer screaming “yuck” at dinner. I can’t guarantee that your child will eat ‘x’ amount of vegetables by the end of the course. I CAN guarantee that you will have the tools you need to move from a state of chaos to calm at mealtimes and explore and talk about food in a positive way that will set them up for a long term success as a competent and intuitive eater.

Can you help me get my parenting partner on board?

Absolutely! It’s not uncommon for one parent to want to get help while the other parent doesn’t believe that there is any issue or would rather not seek help. I’m happy to chat with your co-parent or parenting partner (separately or together with you) to explore what’s going on and explain how I can help

Get started by booking your complimentary clarity call today with Rosanne!

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