Services offered through Blueprint Nutrition include:

Nutrition Counselling

Our passion is to help you take the chaos and confusion out of nutrition messaging and give you a sense of peace and confidence every time you walk into the kitchen. Through our superpowers of authentic human connection and evidence-based nutrition, we are excited to partner with you on your road to health.

We are experts and leaders in the following areas of nutrition:

  • Infant, child, and family nutrition

  • Sport nutrition for optimal health & performance

  • Achieving best weight for health and rejecting diet culture

  • Women’s health and wellness

Please refer to our pricing page to view our packages and contact us to see what working with us can do for you!

Body Composition Analysis via InBody 270

The InBody 270 is a medical grade, non-invasive, bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) scale that looks beyond weight and body mass index (BMI) to provide a more in-depth and personalized analysis of your health. This 15 second test shows you exactly what your body is made of, breaking down body water, fat mass, skeletal muscle mass (and how it is distributed) and an estimation of your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Tracking these measures overtime can show you how your dietary changes are making a big impact on your health.

We recommend this tool for our high performance athletes. Speak to your dietitian to discuss if this tool would be helpful for you.

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

We love to share our passion for nutrition with groups. Whether speaking to health professionals, marathon runners, early childhood educators, or employees, we love providing engaging, interactive and informative sessions.

Presentations are customized to meet your needs. Some of our popular presentations include:

  • Body image and rejecting diet culture

  • Infant nutrition & childhood picky eating

  • Canada’s Food Guide 2019

  • Plant-based diets for adults and children

  • Sport-specific nutrition (i.e. runners, hockey players, swimmers)

  • Game-day nutrition and hydration strategies

  • Adolescent athlete nutrition


“We had the pleasure of hosting Rosanne Robinson for a Nutrition Month medical rounds at Niagara Health in March 2019. Her presentation was “A Divided Plate: Thoughts About the New Canada’s Food Guide”- a very timely topic with the recent release of the new food guide. Great content, well researched and a fabulous delivery!” ~ Marilee Stickles-White, Manager Clinical Nutrition Services

Media Services

There is an overwhelming amount of nutrition information out there! If you are in need of a credible and knowledgeable nutrition professional to sift through a news story or headline, look no further. We would be happy to contribute to written articles or be interviewed for nutrition-related stories.

Cara and Rosanne are regularly featured on CTV Kitchener-Waterloo News at 5:00 with co-host Rosie DelCampo.

Other media services include:

  • Media spokesperson

  • Brand ambassadorship

  • Influencer event hosting

  • Recipe development

  • Sponsored/branded blog posts

  • TV, radio and print media interviews for expert nutrition opinion (i.e. Global News article here, Weight Watcher's Canada article here)

  • Scientific or technical writing

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