Services offered through Blueprint Nutrition include:

Initial Consultation

During your private initial consultation, you will sit down with our dietitian to have a thorough assessment of your medical and nutritional history. The outcome of this session is a personalized treatment plan which is designed to help you achieve your goals. (60 minutes)

Follow-up Appointment

Follow-up appointments are designed to act as check-ins where we will review your progress, troubleshoot areas of concern and make any further revisions to your plan to keep you on track for success. (30-45 minutes) 

Body Composition Analysis via InBody 270

NEW for 2018!! The InBody 270 is a medical grade, non-invasive, bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) scale that looks beyond weight and body mass index (BMI) to provide a more in-depth and personalized analysis of your health. This 15 second test shows you exactly what your body is made of, breaking down body water, fat mass, skeletal muscle mass (and how it is distributed) and an estimation of your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Tracking these measures overtime can show you how your dietary changes are making a big impact on your health. 

Group Nutrition & Employee Wellness Lectures

We LOVE to give group presentations and would be thrilled to come to your workplace, group meeting or professional conference to present on a relevant nutrition topic to your group. Presentations are designed to be fun, interactive and informative with lots of take home "nuggets of nutrition".    

Media and Technical Writing

There is an overwhelming amount of nutrition information out there! If you are in need of a credible and knowledgeable nutrition professional to sift through a news story or headline, look no further. We would be happy to contribute to written articles or be interviewed for nutrition-related stories. 

Some of our current and former media work includes:

  • CTV Kitchener-Waterloo News at 5:00, "Quick Fix at 5" segments

  • California Prune Board

  • Global News (article here)

  • Weight Watcher's Canada (article here)

  • Herrle's Country Farm Market

  • Rogers Daytime Kitchener-Waterloo

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