Whether you’re struggling to feed your kids or fuel for your next race, you’re in the right place.

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Hi! We’re Cara and Rosanne! We’re two experienced registered dietitians with two areas of expertise but one common goal: to help you feel confident in your food choices – whether for yourself or your kids. Rosanne’s pediatric team helps you end mealtime battles, raise intuitive eaters and conquer digestive concerns while Cara’s sport nutrition division helps you to be fast and fuelled to achieve optimal performance for your sport.

We help individuals and families across Ontario and beyond with:

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Sport Nutrition

If you need expert nutrition coaching for yourself as an athlete or for your team, you’re in the right place! We will build a plan to help you move faster, get stronger and reach a new personal best in your sport.

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Pediatric Nutrition

Parenting can be tough but feeding your kids shouldn’t be rough! We help families like yours take the battle out of mealtime and raise intuitive eaters in our signature program The Feeding Fix. We also support children with digestive health & growth concerns.

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As experienced dietitians who are also active individuals and athletes, business owners and busy moms, we understand that the excessive, often contradictory, nutrition information floating around can be overwhelming. We are here to take the chaos and confusion out of nutrition and replace that with confidence each time you walk into your kitchen. Stop trying to white knuckle it on your own! Move from feeling alone to allied with our support!

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