Daycare work

Rosanne assisted with updating Inspiring Minds Early Learning Centre’s menus and it was a pleasure to work with her! Rosanne’s passion for health and nutrition was evident from the onset of our working relationship and was contagious! Inspiring Minds ELC benefited from her keen knowledge of Canada’s Food Guide, the child care industry and what works well with children. As a result, we were able to provide healthier, more satisfying choices on our menu and they have been well received by both children and parents! I have recommended Blueprint Nutrition to other child care facilities and will happily continue to do so. Thank you Rosanne for sharing your passion and knowledge!
Krista Schott
RECE, Director Inspiring Minds Early Learning Centre
Not having a full kitchen or cook at our program, we were struggling with what snacks to serve in our program. We needed snack ideas that were easy to prep, that aligned with the new Canada Food Guide and foods the children would enjoy, while still expanding their palates to try new flavours. We contacted Rosanne to review our menu and come up with suggestions. She came back with a new exciting snack menu. All the snacks were easy to prepare and she made sure the foods came from the grocery stores we shopped from regularly, and all within our snack budget. Once our menu was introduced, Rosanne followed up and led our staff in a workshop about “learning eaters” and how to foster an environment of adventurous eating. I would highly recommend using Rosanne for your childcare program.
Christine Helgerman, RECE
Director, St. John’s Christian Nursery School


Rosanne was so friendly and knowledgeable. After just one visit she gave me strategies to get my son (1 year) eating more and better! The difference has been incredible, we are on a great path and I have her to thank for that. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! A big thank you to Rosanne from the bottom of my heart – the support she offered me was amazing.
L. M.
Rosanne helped us understand and treat our 8-year-old’s dietary indiscretions. She was wonderful to deal with and she was great communicating with our daughter. We would recommend her services to others – 5 stars!
C. A.
Rosanne is incredibly knowledgeable about pediatric nutrition and shared evidence-based information with us. We were impressed with how much was covered during our appointment time. Rosanne gave us practical recommendations for transitioning our baby to solids that will fit our lifestyle. Highly recommended!
E. T.


I cannot thank Cara and Rosanne of Blueprint Nutrition enough for their help with my teenage son over the past year. My son is a competitive hockey player. Just over one year ago we began working with Blueprint Nutrition in order to maximize his performance both on the ice and off the ice with his strength training and conditioning. The incredibly detailed and individualized counselling we received regarding both nutrient needs and the timing of when specific nutrients would most benefit him were most certainly the keys to the optimization of his body composition. Specifically, with the guidance provided he was able to reduce his body fat percentage while still achieving significant gains in his skeletal muscle mass. This has most certainly helped him achieve his performance goals in regards to improved speed and strength. There is no doubt in my mind that he would not have achieved these successes without their guidance and we are incredibly grateful for their kind support, encouragement and guidance throughout this journey.
Mother of competitive hockey player
I began working with Cara to help me with problems I was having with cramping and low energy levels during long distance triathlons (70.3 and Full Ironmans). Using Cara’s guidance and input on my nutrition for both my training as well as in my race, I was able to set personal best times in both disciplines. Cara was great to work with and provided information in an approachable and actionable format.
Ironman Triathlete
With the right help, you can do anything. Cara helped to bring the joy back to my running, which helped me to achieve my goals. As a runner and a dietitian, she is incredibly knowledgeable and offers solutions to what seem like insurmountable problems. I sought out her assistance for two separate issues and each time she came up with a plan that worked for me. I highly recommend her; Cara is the runner’s secret weapon!
Marathon Runner
Over the past few years, the biggest limiting factor in my ironman racing was my stomach during the run portion. I had experienced GI issues (both upper and lower!) that forced me to walk and take unnecessary breaks. Working with Cara I was able to do all my racing this year without any bloating or GI issues. We went through an easy-to-execute plan that was refined over a few races. It’s been a pleasure working with Cara!
Ironman Triathlete, Mom, Healthcare Professional
I have benefited greatly from consulting with Cara; she has helped me reduce sugar and poor choice carbs in my diet while increasing healthy fibres and bringing my protein levels up to where I need them for the workouts I do. Equally important, Cara can laugh instead of scold when I fall off the wagon! (God bless hot cross buns!)
Ironman Triathlete

Working with Teams

Cara was invited to work with Ontario’s visually impaired athletes at our annual High Performance Camp, providing a breadth of useful information to athletes of various sport backgrounds. The content was both interesting and practical and the athletes were able to take relevant information and put individual plans into action. This year, we are again working with Cara to build off of our previous year’s workshop in order to further enhance the performance of VI athletes in Ontario. We look forward to working with Cara again in the near future!
Richard Amelard, Manager
Ontario Blind Sport Association


We had the pleasure of hosting Rosanne Robinson for a Nutrition Month medical rounds at Niagara Health in March 2019. Her presentation was “A Divided Plate: Thoughts About the New Canada’s Food Guide” – a very timely topic with the recent release of the new food guide. Great content, well researched and a fabulous delivery!
Marilee Stickles-White
Manager, Clinical Nutrition Services, Niagara Health

Healthy Living

Our experience was very positive. We had four meetings of one hour each about one month apart. A really good thing was that Cara was willing to start with our current eating habits and did not have an unrealistic idealized plan for us before she got to know us. She was also willing to work with us as a couple which is very realistic in a two-person household that cooks and eats together. Her plan was quite straightforward to follow. We also enjoyed learning a lot about various aspects of nutrition from her over the four meetings. We enjoyed being with her greatly. She is a very pleasant person to work with and that counts for a lot.
D & S
When I first came to see Cara, I was experiencing high stress and anxiety and needed a general checkup of my diet and overall health. Cara reviewed and worked with the advice from my Naturopath, and crafted a daily diet plan that followed my vegetarian diet, focusing on the required balance of the nutrients my body needs. I’m happy to say that in the months following Cara’s advice, my anxiety and stress levels have disappeared, I am cooking healthy protein-rich vegetarian Indian meals 3 times per week, and feel great, relaxed, healthy and contented. Thanks Cara!
R. I.
Rosanne has helped me create a new healthy relationship with food and my body. She has given me the tools to make conscious decisions that work for me and my lifestyle. I enjoy keeping in touch between appointments reading information on her blog and Instagram account. I am more confident in my knowledge of nutrition and am better able to ignore unreliable sources and influences. Blueprint Nutrition provides more than nutrition advice, they create an environment of self-love and discovery.
K. W.
I came to Rosanne after being diagnosed with an overwhelming medical condition and getting little direction from my doctor about what a new diet should and shouldn’t include. Rosanne went above and beyond to educate herself about my needs despite my rare condition being outside of her usual knowledge base. I never felt judged for my eating habits or limited knowledge and skills, and her suggestions were real and manageable. She is warm, caring, and is incredibly talented and capable at what she does. I credit a significant portion of my good health to her and I’m so, so grateful I found her!
A. H.
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