Daycare Menu Development

Blueprint Nutrition will assist in the process of developing, refining or reviewing a menu for daycares and preschools using the current required guidelines in Canada.

We work together with daycares to understand their unique needs and provide menu solutions that not only meet but exceed nutrition guidelines, and also fit within time, budget and dietary constraints.

Smaller facilities who only provide snacks to children may benefit from a full snack menu design. We provide balanced snack options sourced from local grocery stores of a facility’s choosing and break down nutrition and allergen information and cost.

Staff Training

Educating staff and Early Childhood Educators is our jam! We provide on site training to equip staff with the tools they need to encourage children to become adventurous, intuitive eaters and to address common feeding struggles including picky eating. Sessions range from 1-2 hours in length and include a range of hands-on activities and a summary handout. 

Parent Workshops

We lead evening or weekend workshops for the parent’s of the children who attend your daycare. Providing effective feeding strategies and solutions to parents helps to ensure that everyone involved in feeding a child is taking consistent, positive approach.

Not having a full kitchen or cook at our program, we were struggling with what snacks to serve in our program. We needed snack ideas that were easy to prep, that aligned with the new Canada Food Guide and foods the children would enjoy, while still expanding their palates to try new flavours. We contacted Rosanne to review our menu and come up with suggestions. She came back with a new exciting snack menu. All the snacks were easy to prepare and she made sure the foods came from the grocery stores we shopped from regularly, and all within our snack budget. Once our menu was introduced, Rosanne followed up and led our staff in a workshop about “learning eaters” and how to foster an environment of adventurous eating. I would highly recommend using Rosanne for your childcare program.
Christine Helgerman, RECE
Director, St. John’s Christian Nursery School