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Fast and Fuelled 

The Fast and Fuelled Nutrition Coaching Package is a 3-month full-support package that is designed to help you understand exactly what your body needs for training and competition, while also developing a healthy relationship with food and body so that you can hit all your goals – and feel great doing it!  

Whether you’re training for your first race, or a long-time marathoner or triathlete, you invest A LOT of time and energy into your training. You’re impeccable with every detail from figuring out the best gear, grinding it out on the track, 5 am wake-up calls, caring for black and blue toenails, and pushing yourself further mentally than you thought possible.  

What if you had a secret weapon that could bring all your hard work to the next level? 

What if there was a way to take the guess-work and confusion out of all the nutrition messaging out there and develop a laser-focused nutrition plan that fuelled your body well AND took the stress and anxiety out of your food choices?  Imagine you could improve your PR significantly AND feel confident, nourished, and energized doing it!  That’s exactly what I helped my client Beth do, and I know it’s possible for you too.

Does this sound like you?  

  • Do you want to figure out once and for all, how to optimally fuel your body for training?
  • Do you want to reduce your risk of frustrating injuries that sideline your training and keep you from performing at your best? 
  • Do you want to feel confident with your race day or competition nutrition plan, and know with confidence that you won’t bonk, hit the wall, or have to run to the bathroom (or worse, the side of the road?!)? 
  • Do you want consistency in your nutrition plan instead of jumping from one trend to another, being confused by all the nutrition information out there, and never really knowing if anything is actually working for you? 
  • Do you want to stop feeling guilty about food choices, cutting back what you’re eating and then are left feeling deprived and unsatisfied? 
  • Are you wondering if you’re getting enough protein, too many carbs, not enough or too many calories?
  • Do you find that your body isn’t responding to foods the same way it used to? 
  • Do you often feel tired, low energy, or fatigued and find it hard to get through workouts?
  • Are you ready to transform, not only your diet, but also your mindset and relationship with food? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place!

As an experienced marathoner, and busy mom of 2 little kids, I get the hustle it can take to train for a big event and I know that nutrition can feel like an added stress.  Let’s take the stress out of eating together to make you fuelled and fast!   

 My Fast and Fuelled Nutrition Coaching Program is perfect for you if…

  • You’re an athlete looking for in-depth guidance, nutrition coaching, and individualized recommendations for every step of your competition season and off season
  • You struggle with the in’s and out’s of knowing what to eat to properly fuel your training and performance
  • You feel anxious or stressed about food, often find yourself thinking about food, trying to combat cravings, and are left wondering if you’re eating too much or too little
  • You’re frustrated because you’re not seeing the results you want in your training, you get through workouts feeling tired and drained instead of energized and excited

This signature package uses my years of expertise working with recreational to elite level athletes, along with my personal experience as a marathon runner to:

  • Provide intensive support, plans, and strategies tailored to your goals, to ensure you have a plan to excel and crush your goals and hit your next personal best
  • Use a framework based on developing a healthy relationship with food, re-connecting and listening to your body’s internal cues, using behaviour change techniques in combination with evidence based and cutting-edge sport science to ensure that you have everything you need to feel and perform your best

Not convinced nutrition strategies will make a difference? Here’s how I’ve helped my clients take their training and races to the next level:

With the right help, you can do anything. Cara helped to bring the joy back to my running, which helped me to achieve my goals. As a runner and a dietitian, she is incredibly knowledgeable and offers solutions to what seem like insurmountable problems. I sought out her assistance for two separate issues and each time she came up with a plan that worked for me. I highly recommend her; Cara is the runner’s secret weapon!
Marathon Runner, Boston Qualifier 
I began working with Cara to help me with problems I was having with cramping and low energy levels during long distance triathlons (70.3 and Full Ironmans). Using Cara’s guidance and input on my nutrition for both my training as well as in my race, I was able to set personal best times in both disciplines. Cara was great to work with and provided information in an approachable and actionable format.
Ironman Triathlete
Over the past few years, the biggest limiting factor in my ironman racing was my stomach during the run portion. I had experienced GI issues (both upper and lower!) that forced me to walk and take unnecessary breaks. Working with Cara I was able to do all my racing this year without any bloating or GI issues. We went through an easy-to-execute plan that was refined over a few races. It’s been a pleasure working with Cara!
Ironman Triathlete, Qualified for 70.3 World Championships, Mom of 2 
Working with Cara was unexpectedly life changing. Cara helped me to realize how diet culture had snuck into my life and how to change my perspective about food. She also helped me hone in my fuelling before, during and after an ultra-marathon and then switching up my macro split for a strength building phase. She is so knowledgeable about the ins and outs of sport nutrition but also about daily habits, how to get out of a rut, why I got in the rut in the first place. If you get the chance to work with her go for it!
Ultra-marathon Runner

Our sessions may include topics like:  

  • Daily training diet throughout different training cycles or seasons
  • How to fuel pre-workout, and how to best recover after workouts 
  • How to optimize your diet with normal hormone changes and fluctuations
  • Prevention and treatment of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)
  • Transforming your mindset and relationship with food, body, and sport so that you can develop and maintain a healthy relationship with food & body as an athlete 
  • Hydration and electrolyte plan
  • Supplements to optimize daily training diet and for performance goals
  • Race day and competition nutrition plan 
  • Nutrition for injury recovery and prevention
  • Vegetarian or vegan eating for athletes
  • Eating to optimize body composition for your sport in a way that’s sustainable

Fast and Fuelled Package

Here’s the scoop on exactly what you’ll get when we work together:
  • Initial assessment + 5 bi-weekly nutrition coaching sessions (45-60 minutes each)
  • In-depth nutrient analysis of your current eating habits and detailed recommendations
  • Unlimited email support in between sessions (Do you have a question about what to eat for your long run this weekend? Wondering about a good choice for pre-workout snack?  Shoot me a quick email instead of waiting until your next appointment!) 
  • Monthly meal plan guides based on your individualized needs, preferences, and goals, along with new recipes 
  • Nutrition plans for all cycles of your training, competition, recovery, and off-season
  • If needed, supplementation protocol for everyday nutrient optimization as well as performance enhancement
  • Strategies for your specific issues as an athlete 
  • A deep dive into your relationship with food and how to cultivate a positive relationship with food & body (yes, it’s possible to feel satisfied and content with what you eat, excel in your training, and NOT stress over every bite!)
  • And loads of support and accountability along the way! 

Get Started for $565 monthly (for a full payment of $1695)

Student Athlete Package

Are you a student athlete? Do you want to bring your game to the next level? Are you a varsity athlete looking to gain an edge on your competition in order to excel, or are you a high school athlete looking to obtain a scholarship or make a certain team in order to progress in your athletic career?

Wondering if your teen athlete would benefit from in-depth nutrition coaching? This is what one parent had to say:

I cannot thank Cara and Rosanne of Blueprint Nutrition enough for their help with my teenage son over the past year. My son is a competitive hockey player. Just over one year ago we began working with Blueprint Nutrition in order to maximize his performance both on the ice and off the ice with his strength training and conditioning. The incredibly detailed and individualized counselling we received regarding both nutrient needs and the timing of when specific nutrients would most benefit him were most certainly the keys to the optimization of his body composition. Specifically, with the guidance provided he was able to reduce his body fat percentage while still achieving significant gains in his skeletal muscle mass. This has most certainly helped him achieve his performance goals in regards to improved speed and strength. There is no doubt in my mind that he would not have achieved these successes without their guidance and we are incredibly grateful for their kind support, encouragement and guidance throughout this journey.

Meet Cara

Hi there, I’m Cara! I’m a Registered Dietitian, marathon runner, and mom to two little kiddos. Some of my greatest joys include living an active lifestyle, and creating and enjoying delicious and nourishing food with the people I love. So it’s no wonder that this translates into what I do for a living! 

I first developed an interest in nutrition as a high school runner and grew passionate about how whole foods can best nourish and fuel the body for sport and performance. This interest propelled me into my career as a dietitian and I have completed specialized sport nutrition training and courses through Dietitians of Canada. As a nutrition student and early in my profession, I thought eating well as an athlete was all about restriction, deprivation, and following a prescribed plan. Adhering to this type of eating myself – I often felt miserable, obsessed over what I ate and expended loads of energy worrying about everything I put in my mouth. I often didn’t enjoy eating socially or doing anything that deviated from my “plan”.  This led to many negative outcomes – both in how I felt and how I was able to perform. I knew there had to be a better way.

Overtime, I came to realize that eating as an athlete means fuelling your body with what it needs (and it isn’t always just vegetables and low-cal fluff!), listening to and respecting what your body is telling you, truly enjoying delicious and nourishing food, and most of all, appreciating all that our bodies do for us!  I now realize how powerful a good relationship with food and body is, and how it can truly help you perform and feel your best.

I am committed to helping you find an individualized approach that works for your life, takes the confusion and chaos out of eating, nourishes you, and cultivates a healthy relationship with food – in addition to helping you perform at your best.  Ultimately, I want to help you achieve your goals – both in sport and in life!

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