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Nutrition Counselling

Are you looking to up your game, achieve a Personal Best, or compete at the next level of your sport?
Do you want a nutrition plan that will help you feel your best for your training and workouts?
Do you want to make changes to your body composition in a way that’s sustainable?
Are you a marathon runner or triathlete trying to figure out your race day nutrition?
Do you often feel tired, low energy, or fatigued and find it hard to get through workouts?
Do you have kids or teens that play competitive sports and you’re not sure what exactly you should be feeding them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place!

Our sessions may  include topics such as:

  • Daily training diet throughout different training cycles or seasons
  • Pre and post exercise nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Supplements
  • Race day and competition planning
  • Nutrition for tournaments
  • Nutrition for injury recovery and prevention
  • Vegetarian or vegan eating for athletes
  • Developing or maintaining a healthy relationship with food as an athlete
  • Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)
  • Eating to optimize body composition for your sport

We do all this with a food-first approach and focus on maintaining a healthy relationship with food & health. We want you to thrive in all areas of your life – and this means not obsessing over every last bite you eat!

“I began working with Cara to help me with problems I was having with cramping and low energy levels during long distance triathlons (70.3 and Full Ironmans). Using Cara’s guidance and input on my nutrition for both my training as well as in race I was able to set personal best times in both disciplines. Cara was great to work with and provided all information in an approachable and actionable format.”
Ironman Triathlete



Perfect for you if you want to fine tune your eating habits in general or in preparation for a race or competition.

Provides initial education & strategies based on the goals identified together.

Time commitment: 1-3 months

Initial assessment (60-75 minutes)
1 Follow up session (up to 60 minutes)


Perfect for you if you are an endurance athlete looking to reach peak performance or a personal best; you are a high school or varsity athlete looking to optimize your diet for performance and training; you are the parent of an athlete looking for ways to fuel your family during a busy season.

Provides individualized plan and nutrition strategies based on personal goals.

Time commitment: 2-4 months

Initial assessment (60-75 minutes)
3 Follow up sessions (up to 60 minutes each)


Perfect for you if you are an athlete or active individual looking to achieve performance goals and require intensive follow up throughout a training season; you are an athlete recovering from disordered eating; you are an athlete looking to foster a better relationship with food.

Provides in-depth tailored nutrition interventions, education, coaching, accountability and support.

Time commitment: 4-6 months

Initial assessment (60-75 minutes)
6 Follow up sessions (up to 60 minutes each)
Email support as needed

Ongoing follow-up for continued support:
Upon completion of a package, individual follow up sessions are available for continued support.

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Meet Cara

Hi there, I’m Cara! I’m a Registered Dietitian, marathon runner, and mom to two little kiddos. Some of my greatest joys include living an active lifestyle, and creating and enjoying delicious and nourishing food with the people I love. So it’s no wonder that this translates into what I do for a living! 

I first developed an interest in nutrition as a high school runner and grew passionate about how whole foods can best nourish and fuel the body for sport and performance. This interest propelled me into my career as a dietitian and I have completed specialized sport nutrition training and courses through Dietitians of Canada. As a nutrition student and early in my profession, I thought eating well as an athlete was all about restriction, deprivation, and following a prescribed plan. Adhering to this type of eating myself – I often felt miserable, obsessed over what I ate and expended loads of energy worrying about everything I put in my mouth. I often didn’t enjoy eating socially or doing anything that deviated from my “plan”.  This led to many negative outcomes – both in how I felt and how I was able to perform. I knew there had to be a better way.

Overtime, I came to realize that eating as an athlete means fueling your body with what it needs (and it isn’t always just vegetables and low-cal fluff!), listening to and respecting what your body is telling you, truly enjoying delicious and nourishing food, and most of all, appreciating all that our bodies do for us!  I now realize how powerful a good relationship with food and body is, and how it can truly help you perform and feel your best.

I am committed to helping you find an individualized approach that works for your life, takes the confusion and chaos out of eating, nourishes you, and cultivates a healthy relationship with food – in addition to helping you perform at your best.  Ultimately, I want to help you achieve your goals – both in sport and in life!

Cara Kasdorf, BSc MAN RD, Owner

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